I compiled what I think are the best investments to make before the dollar collapses to make sure you’ve diversified your portfolio enough to survive it financially.  I believe the most important type of asset you need to own when the dollar collapses is gold.  The easiest way to do that is to get a Gold IRA setup.  

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What is your financial safety net if the US Dollar actually does collapse?

You just need to make sure you feel comfortable that all your financial eggs are not tied to the US Dollar. We will continue to go through higher prices due to high inflation, economic turmoil and this will continue into the future (not just the past few years of COVID we’ve gone through). There is just too much money in our monetary system that has been printed as paper currency. The central bank you’re use to is just going to print more cash and other nations will too. The US Dollar may be a safe haven asset now but as many investors are doing – it’s time for you to consider how to diversity what you have before investors flock to the next big thing after the next stock market crash where they see the dollar collapses.

I highly recommend you focus on getting a Gold IRA account setup as quickly as possible to hedge against the dollar collapse. If you’re going to pick one thing – that should be it and I highly recommend going with Augusta Precious Metals to do it.

What else about the dollar collapse should I think about?

We’re living in uncharted territory with the US Federal Reserve who printed at least 20%+ of our total US Dollar supply during the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020-Is it really over?!).

It’s important to really think about how to protect your wealth by having asset protection methods in place and diversifying your portfolio no matter if you’re someone who just graduated from college or you’ve just entered retirement. If there is a dollar collapse and the stock market crash continues to happen, the global economy and foreign exchange market will just be one piece of the total economic crisis.

If you’re worried about what to do if there is an economic collapse, you’re not alone in this. I’m writing this in 2022 and it’s frightening to think about the world’s reserve currency and how the world economy is tied so closely to the US Dollar. China is threatening to dump the US Dollar but they haven’t said how much yet. If that happens, they will start buying up the Chinese Yuan and central banks will need to consider the long term ramifications of this.

Let’s take a look at further detail of what you should consider when thinking about getting out of fiat currency (United States Dollar)

Gold IRA

The most important asset class that I recommend is getting into gold. The easiest way of doing that is to purchase precious metals but an even easier route is using Augusta Precious Metals who will do all the heavy lifting for you.

You can move fiat currency whether that’s from your retirement account or cash in a traditional bank to Augusta Precious Metals who will make sure you get setup the right way without having to store gold at home. There are many Gold IRA Scams out there and by going with Augusta you’ll be sure it’s the right solution because even Joe Montana’s financial team picked them. Don’t gamble on another provider, just go with Augusta Precious Metals.

Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals

The beauty of precious metals like gold and silver is that they are a valuable commodity that has acted independent of what other types of asset classes have done. If you look at other currencies, cryptocurrency and even looking at the real estate market – they are all tied back to the economy in some way. The amazing thing about investing in something like a Gold IRA is that you’re going to diversify your portfolio with physical gold which is a precious metal that is not your primary currency. I’d also consider looking at buying some silver coins too vs. just gold but do your own research on this.

In the economic uncertainty that we’re living through right now, it’s really important to have a valuable asset like this if and when there is a currency collapse – whether it’s the US Dollar or something else.

I highly recommend you go with a Gold IRA to get started but you can also purchase bullion coins and build up a nest egg of gold in your backyard if you need to. Don’t look at the gold prices on a daily basis just buy and hold for the long term.


I highly recommend considering removing the noise from this category and just going with BitIRA to help you manage all the money you’d like to drop into cryptocurrency. If you want to diversify and think of this as one of your excellent investment options then you should but consider using BitIRA.

The cryptocurrency market has gone up and down. It’s amazing to think that it didn’t exist 20 years ago and we were worried about Y2K and if the computers were going to shut down because of our crazy code that would reset back to 1900 vs. 2000.

We’ve come a long way from that and have Bitcoin, Etherum and 100s of other digital currencies that you could consider buying. One word of caution is that if you decided to go down this rabbit hole, it’s important to not look at all the crazy price fluctuations because it’s going to happen – a lot. You must keep the mindset of an investor not a trader. If you start looking at all the international transactions, interest rates changing and always being concerned if the digital currency collapses – what would you do then you really shouldn’t get involved in the first place.

Foreign Currency

My recommendation here is to go with NovaTechFX as your platform for handling any cryptocurrency and foreign currencies. You don’t need to take a crash course on how to do this on your own. I love NovaTechFX because they will handle it for you and typically are returning 2-4% per week. This is not an exchange traded funds account where you’ll be building into it – this is an easy way for you to get into foreign currency without worrying about whether it’s some kind of black market currency.

Real Estate Investments (Domestic & International)

I’ve always recommended buying dirt. They really aren’t making any more dirt unless of course Elon Musk figures out how to colonize Mars at which point you should really consider getting into spacefund.com.

The best thing you can do here is consider thinking about CrowdStreet which is a fractional ownership of property and their platform makes it incredibly easy for you to invest in real estate without doing the heavy lifting. This will give you a physical asset that is not gold or silver and can be done in many countries. It will take you some time to figure out how to set up foreign real estate investments but it will be worth it.

Fractional Art Ownership

One of my favorite options is to consider something like Masterworks.io. You can buy up a piece of painting and be an art owner without owning the entire Picasso you want to invest in. Many other assets are going to be either a direct correlation or inverse correlation to what happens when the dollar collapses but it will be important for you to diversity this so in the future if you decide to sell your fractional piece back – it will add to your purchasing power into mutual funds, silver coins, foreign stocks or whatever else you’d like to add back into your portfolio.

Other types of investments

There are other types of investments like:

  • Natural Gas Exploration
  • Space Exploration (SpaceFund.com)
  • B2B SaaS Investments (GTMFund.com)

You’ll always find other types of investments you can make with funds but having tangible assets like we’ve talked about in an economic downturn is crucial for your long term success. I want you to feel like you’ve got the best options to consider but if you’re going to pick one I always come back to the Gold IRA option. It’s the best way of making sure you have the right piece in place if there truly is a future where the dollar collapses.


As I’ve been saying here, it’s important to have a diversified portfolio and to make sure if the dollar collapses that you have physical gold (whether a Gold IRA or actual precious metals in your home). I also think buying up some land whether through a fractional ownership platform or outright land is important. Think through what you can really invest and make sure you understand what the us economy is going to do and adjust accordingly to what makes sense for your risk tolerance and appetite for wealth preservation which is really what we’re talking about here.

I also have spent some time thinking about safe investments for seniors and the Best Gold IRA Companies out there so make sure you check out those too.


How much will gold be worth if the dollar collapses?

There is no way to predict this at all. Right now gold is not tied to the dollar so in theory there would be more money moved into gold but I’m not a financial advisor and don’t have a crystal ball to tell you what’s going to happen in the future.

How do you protect yourself from a devalued dollar?

The best way of doing this is to have foreign bonds, foreign investments and get a piece of the precious metals world through a Gold IRA and/or buying physical gold.

What happens to stocks if dollar collapses?

The US Stock market is based on the US Dollar so there would be a high correlation to the stock market going down as there is to the dollar collapsing.

What will happen to silver if the dollar collapses?

Silver should operate similar to gold in the sense that it’s a physical precious metals product that would be independent of what the market is doing.

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