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A Nevada Registered Agent or Nevada Registered Agent Service is something that will be required by law for every individual or business entity in the state of Nevada. A registered agent is an organization (or someone) who agrees to accept whatever legal papers will be served to your business (if sued). The registered agent will also need to have a physical address in Nevada and be available during normal business hours.

In my Nevada Registered Agent guide, I’ll walk you through all the steps it’s going to take to do this on your own.

There is quite a process when making sure you’re following the Nevada Secretary of State’s rules around how to start an LLC in Nevada which also requires a Registered Agent Service to help you setup your business. I always recommend going with ZenBusiness who will be the professional service to help you get your business setup the right way.

I’ve been telling you that ZenBusiness is the best service for you to use. The registered agents in Nevada can be law firms but typically when you’re looking for the BEST – I’d recommend going with ZenBusiness. They have the best price, service and know exactly what they are doing to make sure your business entities are setup the right way. If you’re looking for the best Nevada registered agent services – you don’t need to go far because there is really only one best registered agent service to consider which is ZenBusiness.

What is a Nevada Registered Agent?

A Nevada Registered Agent or sometimes called a Statutory Agent is an individual or business that agrees to accept any and all legal papers on behalf of your company. This can be things like lawsuits, tax forms and other notifications that the state or government needs to send to your business. The Registered Agent will also have a physical address in the state that you’re going to be building your business in. If you’re setting up a Limited Liability Company and have legal documents that will need to be delivered to a business address – you’ll need a registered agent that is approved by the Nevada Secretary of State’s office.

Why do I need a Nevada Registered Agent?

The alternative of not having a registered agent service doesn’t really work because it’s against the law. If you’re going to have a business you need a Registered Agent with a business address that ‘s in Nevada. That is not a virtual address but a physical street address that you can accept legal documents at. This isn’t about a LLC formation service getting setup the right way it’s about making sure you can accept legal documents and your registered agent’s name needs to be a legal entity that helps a Nevada corporation accept documents during regular business hours.

When should I obtain a Nevada Registered Agent?

Yes. You don’t have much of a choice if you’re going to be setting up a business. If you are going to setup a home or business address to run your organization from – you should find the company’s registered agent that can operate in Nevada and act as a new registered agent for your business. it’s going to be on public record no matter who it is so I would highly recommend that you do NOT use your personal home address as the Nevada businesses address or add registered agent services to your home address. You should just use a commercial registered agent who can help you make sure you’re following the right steps.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent In Nevada?

Yes but I don’t recommend it. It’s a bad idea. If you do this your street address will act as the place for official legal documents to go and that isn’t a good thing. The last thing you need is a Nevada business to think that your home is your actual physical street address when it’s clearly your home.

How Much Does a Registered Agent Cost?

It depends on how you do it. If you use Northwest Registered Agent it’s typically included with your first year of the LLC formation and the formation documents that you’d be getting. If you’re going to try and do this on your own as your own registered agent, it’s going to cost less monetarily upfront but long term it’s going to be a big challenge for you.

How Do I Elect A Registered Agent In Nevada?

The first thing you’re going to want to do is find a good registered agent service. I recommend Northwest Registered Agent because they are the best in the business and have the best price. Once you find a good registered agent service, you’re going to want to fill out the formation documents and list the registered agent service on those forms.

How Do I Change My Registered Agent In Nevada?

You can change your registered agent in Nevada by filing a document with the Secretary of State’s office. The form is called the Statement of Change and you’ll list the new registered agent service that you’re using on that form. Once the form is filed, the new registered agent will be listed on public record.

Registered Agent FAQ

Does Nevada require a registered agent?

Yes, all businesses in Nevada are required to have a registered agent.

Does registered agent mean owner?

No. You have business owners and managing members that are not your registered agent.

What is a registered agent service?

It’s a service that will provide the needed service to make sure you’re following the state guidelines. Most registered agent services will provide the important legal documents and business formation documents required if it’s something you’re going to be working on with this process.

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