Augusta Precious Metals Review: My Trusted Wealth Protector

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  • Investopedia’s “Most Transparent” Gold IRA Company in 2022
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Do you understand why Augusta is the most TRUSTED gold IRA company out there?

I will break it all down for you from the product they are selling, management team, market opportunity, competitors and what they may tell you. I go through all of it and it’s a lot to take in so get a cup of coffee or beer depending on the time of day you’re doing your research. I recommend coffee over beer for this one but a Bitburger does sound good right now to cut the edge a bit on the evaluation of where to put my retirement funds.

Moving retirement funds to physical gold or silver in a depository in Delaware? Is this really what we’re talking about? We are talking about this and I’ll tell you why Augusta Precious Metals is the best option for you because they are the best gold IRA company out there and continue to prove it every single day.

I’m glad you’re here and I look forward to having you be a bit more educated once you get through this. At the end of this you should understand 1. Why Augusta Precious Metals 2. What questions to ask other gold IRA companies in your evaluation process 3. A clearer view of the market, what you’re investing in and how to think about this as a diversification of your retirement portfolio…

Alright – let’s get into it…

Why Choose Augusta Precious Metals?

They were founded in 2007, the company has grown to become one of the most trusted names in precious metals investments. Augusta offers a wide range of services including IRA accounts, storage options, and secure shipping for its customers.

Their CEO Isaac Nuriani (LinkedIn Profile) has been running the show for 10+ years and has built an amazing team around him. They have also built their entire business on one key thing: Trust. With the lack of trust across our world right now, it’s extremely important that you build partnerships and relationships with people who you can trust. It’s even more imperative that you do this when we’re talking about your retirement savings.

The best thing you can do is break down the different pieces of what you’re investing in and I do that in my own way which I think is a simple way of thinking about complex companies and products.

The four main things I look at are

  1. Product
  2. Market Opportunity
  3. Management Team
  4. Customer Reviews

I’m going to break down all three of these for you in terms of how Augusta Precious Metals is the best option out there. Once you read through this, you’ll understand why I continue to come back and recommend Augusta over all the other options. If you want to skip ahead and learn about the other gold IRA dealer lies, click here and it will take you down but I would recommend reading the details here.

The Product

Do you know much about how a gold and silver IRA works?

I sure didn’t when I started on this journey of trying to figure out how I can move my US dollars out of a retirement account and into physical metals in a Delaware depository.

Is Augusta Precious Metals selling something different than other gold IRA dealers that makes them unique and different?

The short answer is No. All the national dealers out there are selling the same physical precious metals because the IRS says there are only certain types of precious metals you can have in your IRA. You can call this a gold IRA, silver IRA or a precious metals IRA – it doesn’t really matter. We’re talking about moving your US Dollars (fiat currency) into a physical gold or silver bullion coin or silver bar. The thing that’s important to understand is that all of the gold IRA dealers make money – they are a business. They make their money selling the physical product to you and helping you store it in a safe and secure way that you can TRUST.

Think about the word TRUST as we go through the details here.

When you think about a gold IRA as a product, there are a few pieces that you need to break down and really focus on to understand what you’re getting into.

The items to think about are

  1. Precious Metals are NOT regulated
  2. Spot Price – what does this mean and why does it matter?
  3. Commissioned Sales Teams
  4. Equity Trust – Depository

What does it mean to be investing in an unregulated industry and product?

The first thing I think about is Sam Bankman Fried or as some call him Scam Backstabing Fraud (SBF) for this amazing ponzi scheme he’s pulled off and taken billions from people in an unregulated industry. Now remember this is my personal blog and this is just my opinion, I don’t know anything about what happened at FTX and it’s just wild to continue to read about it in the Milk Road newsletter.

My point is: Crypto was (and still is) an unregulated industry so why couldn’t the same thing happen here?

Look – anything is possible and it’s important you look at how the company has done business in the past that you’re thinking about working with.   You can easily look up the company you’re thinking about in Google with a simple search of ‘Company Name complaints’ or ‘Company Name lawsuits’ and easily find what you’re looking for.  

Gold and silver are not going anywhere and it’s important for you to realize this.  It’s just a matter of how you go about purchasing it and holding it.  

Spot Price what does this mean and why does it matter?

As you build up your educational knowledge of all this, you’ll find that a spot price is the price of raw ore at the mines.  You’re not going to get it at that price because your IRS approved assets.  There are mints that will purchase the gold and silver at spot price and turn it into the Gold American Eagle or other premium coins that you’ll love.  It might even be a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.  

Even Joe Montana (who is an Augusta Precious Metals customer and spokesperson) doesn’t get to have his gold and silver at spot price.  It’s just not possible even for that fame quarterback Joe Montana you think could do something as crazy as that.

Knowing this, you need to go into your conversation with the right question which is: 

What do you charge for a particular asset? 

Example: What do you charge for a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf? 

The wrong question is ‘What do you charge over spot?’  

You want to find out what they charge for a particular asset so you can really understand what you’re getting and for what price.  That is how dealers are making their money and it’s extremely important that you understand this point.   

Commissioned Sales Teams

Most of the gold IRA dealer industry has sales commissioned professionals. It is just the way the industry works. Typically that means that you’re only getting one person through the entire process. If you look up the Business Consumer Alliance reviews or type in ‘best precious metals company’ you may find a few companies that come up.

I would always ask the question: Does your sales team earn commission from selling to me? If they are commissioned, run away.

At Augusta, their team is not commissioned. Everyone on the team is helping you and they have multiple people connect with you along the way to really understand how the process works. As you go through the 1:1 webconference with Devlin Steele and the team, you’ll understand why it’s so important to have an experience like this.

I really underestimated the value of having multiple people taking you through the experience but it is one that you’ll enjoy through your evaluation process.

Equity Trust – Depository

This is the place where you’ll have your IRA eligible coins stored in your precious metal iras that will be setup by the gold IRA provider you work with.

Augusta has built a great relationship with Trust Equity who is the custodian that houses all the physical products.

Trust Equity is ‘the nation’s leading self-directed IRA provider, with more than 30 years of experience managing over $25 billion in assets. Serves customers in all 50 states.’

 Source: Augusta Precious Metals

This means that you’ll be setting up a self directed IRA and putting your US Dollars into a new IRA account and at that time you’ll be purchasing gold or silver coins that will be housed in the Delaware depository that Trust Equity runs.

Market Opportunity

It’s hard to break down the potential we have with the market opportunity right now. With the Infrastructure Bill being passed by our government it’s just going to feed the need for more silver. We also are in a period of a potential recession and the never ending printing of money with the national debt continuing to climb.

The main points of why this is the prime time to get into this are:

  1. Global Debt at an all time high and not stopping (Debt Bomb will go off at some point)
  2. Manufacturing of electric vehicles, solar panels and alike are going to soar and require more silver (read more here).
  3. Inflation continues to rise with the price of a dollar continuing to get you less as time goes on


As you can see from this image from, your dollar is getting you a LOT less over time and therefore you need a hedge against inflation. Don’t think about this as a replacement to your retirement account. This is an insurance policy to make sure if something does happen that you have coverage with gold and silver coins that you’ll be able to keep in your self directed IRA. There are many gold and silver products but when you think about whether you can have a Silver Rose Crown Guinea, American Gold Gagles or some of the Australian Striped Marlin – you’ll need to check and make sure what you’re putting into your account is ok to do from a tax perspective.

Management Team

This is by far my favorite part to break down when looking at any of these companies like American Hartford Gold, Birch Gold, GoldCo or my favorite Augusta Precious Metals.

To me this is the most important. We’ve talked about the product and how everyone is selling the same physical gold and American Gold Eagles. It’s not about the physical product, it’s about the team that you can TRUST to make sure your money and assets are safe.

Isaac Nuriani – CEO (LinkedIn Profile)

Isaac has been running the company for 10+ years and as the Company Leadership pages says, he is on a mission: ‘to empower the public with knowledge about potential retirement concerns caused by economic policies that favor big banks rather than individual retirement savers.’

This mission is what empowers the rest of the team to make sure all their customers and prospective customers are educated enough to feel comfortable with making the decision to move their hard earned retirement savings into a gold IRA account with Augusta Precious metals.


For all these reasons, Isaac recruited Devlin Steele who is Augusta’s Director of Education.

Devlin Steele – Director of Education

Devlin Steele has processed financial assets worth over $2 Billion. He has predicted the 2008 financial crisis and is leading a team to help education you on what the next big potential problem is with our world. You need to join him on the 1:1 webconference to understand in detail the industry and what’s coming that we all need to be aware of.

The webconference that Devlin runs is one of the most educational and enlightening hours I’ve ever spent because it’s extremely difficult to get this information from any of our mainstream media sources.


Devlin’s way of describing what’s going on in our world right now is something you’ll learn to love. The latest video describing the potential Small Business Rent Crisis (Dec 7, 2022) is a great example of why their education on these topics is priceless for you to understand where we’re really heading as a country and to be frank – as a globe of earthlings.

Check out all the other educational videos he’s put together here.

Howard Smith – Chief Financial Officer

If you’re looking for someone to help you feel comfortable with TRUST – it’s Howard Smith. He joined Augusta in 2018 because of Isaac Nuriani’s mission to empower people to understand the power of diversification as we go into this next phase of our economic world.

Howard is a certified CPA and has an economics/finance degree from University of Toronto.  When I think about risk management and how to apply it, it’s fantastic Augusta was able to recruit and bring in talent like Howard.

If you’re looking for someone that you can TRUST and rounds out this leadership team, it’s Howard Smith. 


The last piece of the puzzle I like to breakdown are customer reviews. As you look at what others are saying, make sure you read Augusta Precious metals reviews and all about the other gold IRAs you may start at other gold IRA companies.

Customer Reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews are extremely positive across the main platforms that matter:

  1. Better Business Bureau (4.97 Rating – 100 Ratings as of December 7, 2022)
  2. Trustlink (5.0 Rating – 278 Reviews as ofDecember 7, 2022
  3. Business Consumer Alliance (AAA Rating – 85 Reviews as of Dec 7, 2022)

The majority of customer reviews about Augusta are overwhelmingly positive. Customers cite great customer service experiences, competitive pricing on their products compared to other dealers in the industry, quick delivery times, and knowledgeable staff when it comes time for questions regarding investing strategies or product selection advice.

Augusta Precious Metals is a trusted and reliable provider of precious metals investment solutions, offering customers the opportunity to protect their wealth from inflation and recession. Next, let’s take a look at the services they offer.

I recommend Augusta Precious Metals because they want you to be educated before moving your hard earned money into a fund. It’s hard to think about how you’re going to move your US Dollars into gold and silver IRA approved assets but that’s what they help you with.

Gold IRA Dealer Lies – What are the others telling you?

It’s important to really understand what others are going to tell you and you need to understand Augusta Precious Metals legit status is real and that you may hear some of these lies from others in the industry. You’ll find the details below but make sure you watch this video that Augusta pulled together too.

Lie #1: Stories typically turn into a lie

You may hear about excuses that someone has died and there is a big investment you need to ‘get in on’ for the best deal.

Reality: Circumstances don’t change the price so don’t get fooled

The spot price is the futures contracts price and that price is what institutions buy raw ore from the mines and nobody can buy at that price except those institutions. National gold & silver dealers process millions of dollars every month and all dealers pay close to the same price. There are no big discounts so how can they offer you a big discount?

Don’t get fooled by some made up story.

Lie #2: Cancellation Opportunity

It starts with something like ‘I got stuck with this gold due to some circumstance like a ‘death’ and the dealer tells you they need to sell it off at a discount and it’s a ‘great deal for you’.

Why would they hold it for you and why isn’t immediately being used for the next order?

Lie #3: Inventory

Gold IRA dealers do not sell from inventory and if there is an excuse from that they are most likely lying.

Lie #4: ‘Let Me Check The Vault’

If you hear this – the sales person you’re talking to is probably on the sales floor with others but they are not ‘going to the vault’ to check the price. There is no vault to check prices in so just run away from that.

Lie #5: Universal Guaranteed Price Over Spot

Different coins have different prices over spot price. Some company may be telling you that all their coins are over a specific price over spot. Always ask ‘what is the price over spot’ and they should NOT have the same price over spot for all coins they are selling. An even better question is: What is your price for X asset?

Lie #6: Piggybacking on a big trade

A gold IRA dealer may tell you an institution or a big trade is coming and there is going to be a better price opportunity. ‘You should piggy back on this purchase for a better price’. That is simply not something that is not true. This is just plain BS.

Lie #7: Price Protection Program

Is your gold IRA dealer saying they will be able to cover your shortfall and offer something like this. If you have a dealer telling you this – it’s time to run away and go find another place for your premium coins and just stay away. They are clearly not telling you the truth and it’s time to find someone else that can help.

Lie #8: Bait and Switch

You’ve heard of this one before but the gold IRA dealer has a price on their website or only have a few of a few that are ‘below market price’. They may just be lying about the product they have at a low price or they can’t deliver what they talk about and sometimes it can work. If you make the mistake of thinking their first product means they have all the products at a lower price – well that’s most likely not true either.

Lie #9: Must Buy Now

Why is the special ending right after you call?

It’s just getting you to act quickly without thinking is just not a good idea. Any special ending soon and asking you not to do your research is just a trap and you need to walk away and do more research before committing.

Lie #10: Low Spread

This is a lie and a trap at the same time. When you’re ready to buy your gold or silver IRA they say they’re going to give you a lower spread on the ask could be a lie. If you just search on Google for American Gold Eagle Coin, you’re going to see the price is pretty straight forward. It’s just a bunch of words to confuse you and most gold IRA dealers make money on sales – not buy backs. You are going to get the best buy back price from your original dealer.

So what should you do?

Take. Your. Time.

All of this is clearly a LOT to think about and you need a dealer that is going to be around for the long haul and that’s why I recommend Augusta. They are educating everyone on what you need to know and will make your life a heck of a lot easier to know you can trust them.

I tell this to people all the time but TRUST is the MOST important piece of the puzzle with any relationship whether that’s your business partners, family members and friends or the people you are trust your money and retirement with. It’s really not worth going to another gold IRA dealer to save a few pennies in your retirement account which might not even be true when you break down how they are charging you.

Salesmen from other companies often lie about the fees charged by Augusta Precious Metals. They may try to tell you that their company has lower fees than Augusta Precious Metals, but this is not always true. In fact, many of these companies have hidden fees and charges that can add up quickly. It’s important to compare all costs before making a decision on where to invest your money.

Another common lie told by salesmen from other companies is that investing with them will give you better returns than investing with Augusta Precious Metals. This simply isn’t true; there are no guarantees when it comes to investments, regardless of who you choose as your provider. The only way to ensure good returns is through diversification and careful research into potential investments.

Finally, some salesmen may also try to downplay the benefits of investing with Augusta Precious Metals in order to make their own services look more attractive. For example, they might say that gold IRA accounts don’t offer any tax advantages or they might claim that gold prices are too volatile for long-term investment strategies when in reality both statements are false.

It is important for investors to do their due diligence before signing up with any company in order to make an informed decision about where best to place their wealth generation and protection strategies. They should ask questions and read reviews online if necessary, so they understand the truth behind what different providers offer in terms of protection against inflation and recessionary periods. This will ensure that they are getting the service they need before committing financially.

The truth is that you should always do your own research and be wary of the claims made by salesmen from other companies; Augusta Precious Metals offers a reliable alternative to ensure the protection of your wealth.

I recommend that you go through the 1:1 webconference with Augusta to get educated even more and understand what you can do to protect your wealth.


Augusta Precious Metals is a great option for those looking to invest in precious metals and protect their wealth from inflation and recession.

You will have the most TRUSTED gold IRA dealer in your corner with the best management team, product and market opportunity in front of you. As you evaluate your options, remember to do your due diligence on anyone you’re going to move your retirement funds to.

At first it can be hard to think about this as a real option but it is. It’s a hedge against that potential debt bomb going off or some other black swan event we can’t control. Clearly there is a lot here to think about and if you made it this far, I appreciate you.

I put together a comparison of the best gold IRA companies out there so you can read that but the short answer is just work with Augusta. Stay safe out there and protect your wealth as best you can and continue to educate yourself to learn about more of these types of opportunities. 

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