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Best Gold IRA Companies of 2023

The companies featured below may provide commission for our recommendations.  The hours of in-depth work and research determines how the companies appear below. 

Using a gold IRA company could help you save time and money when investing in gold and silver.  I’ve spent countless hours with all the gold IRA companies out there.  I’ve found that the only three that I’d recommend are Augusta Precious Metals, Red Rock Secured and Goldco.  These are the three companies I can trust and believe in their teams, the product(s) they offer and trust them to deliver the best customer experience and service.

Date Updated: March 23, 2023 6:05am PT

  Most Trusted Gold IRA Company 

  • Money magazine’s “Best Overall” Gold IRA Company in 2022
  • Zero fees for up to 10 years — every customer qualifies
  • Investopedia’s “Most Transparent” Gold IRA Company in 2022
  • Must watch: One-on-one web conferences by Harvard-trained economic analyst

   Best for Home Delivery      

  • A+ BBB Rating – 100s of 5 star consumer reviews
  • Featured in Fortune’s 2023 Investor’s Recession Guide
  • Highest ranked Gold IRA company on the INC 500 List
  • 100% Free shipping & insurance
  • Home delivery with storage in a local bank’s safe deposit box 


  • Quarterback Joe Montana and his financial team chose Augusta
  • Zero fees for up to 10 years — every customer qualifies
  • Investopedia’s “Most Transparent” Gold IRA Company in 2022
  • Free transit insurance and shipping for qualified orders
  • Must watch: One-on-one web conferences by Harvard-trained economic analyst


  • Home delivery with storage in a safe deposit box at your local bank
  • Fortune’s 2023 Investor’s Recession Guide Mention
  • Price Protection that provides upside benefit & downside shield
  • Highest ranked Gold IRA company on 2022 INC 500 List


  • $1B in transactions completed in gold & silver
  • Chuck Norris & Sean Hannity Recommended
  • 10% back in free silver with a funded precious metals IRA account
  •  A+ BBB Rating & 1000s of 5 start consumer reviews

Setup Fee



Business Consumer Alliance Rating

5 Stars (96 Reviews)

5 Stars (143 Reviews)

Consumer Affairs Rating

4.9 out of 5 (131 Reviews)

4.9 out of 5 (135 Reviews)

BBB Rating

4.97 out of 5

4.82 out of 5

Minimum Purchase



Allows for Silver Purchase

Allows for Platinum Purchase

Allows for Palladium Purchase

On Staff Harvard Economist

Must-See One-on-one web conference

Home Delivery

Trust Savings Plan (TSP) Approved

Year Founded



What is a gold IRA?

A gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or precious metals IRA is a way to diversify your retirement which will allow you to hold physical gold as an investment in your retirement portfolio. The overall process of getting a gold IRA is similar to setting up a traditional IRA, with the main difference being that you can hold physical gold and other precious metals in addition to or instead of traditional assets like stocks and bonds.

Investing in a gold IRA can offer a number of potential benefits. For example, gold is often seen as a way to hedge your bet against inflation, as its value tends to rise when the value of paper currencies falls. Gold can also provide diversification to your retirement portfolio, as its price is not directly tied to the stock market or other financial assets. Additionally, holding physical gold in a retirement account can offer a tangible asset that you can physically hold onto, which can be appealing to some investors.

How do I setup a gold IRA?

To set up a gold IRA, I recommend you work with one of the gold IRA companies reviewed here that offers this type of account. You will also need to choose a custodian to hold the physical gold on your behalf. Once your gold IRA is set up, you can make contributions to the account and purchase gold and other precious metals with the funds in the account. It’s important to make sure you understand there are limitations on the how much you can contribute into a gold IRA each year, and there may be tax consequences for withdrawing funds from the account before you reach retirement age.

Disclaimer: The investing information provided on this page is for informational purposes only.  When you are investing any amount of money, you should consult with an investment, financial, tax, and/or legal adviser before making any investment decisions.  

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