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A Nebraska Registered Agent or Nebraska Registered Agent Service is required by law for every business entity in the state of Nebraska. A registered agent is an individual or business entity that will accept legal papers (documents) on your behalf if it is sued. The registered agent or registered agent service must have a physical street address in Nebraska and be available during regular business hours.

In my Nebraska Registered Agent guide, I’ll walk you through the detailed process of when you should get a registered agent or registered agent service for your Nebraska business, how to pick one, if they are required and how to change one if needed. Typically you’re getting a registered agent when you setup your Nebraska LLC. Check out my guide on how to setup a Nebraska LLC so you can make sure you’re following all the right steps in the process. If you are just looking for the professional service to help you – use Northwest Registered Agent or ZenBusiness.

Best Nebraska Registered Agent Service

ZenBusiness will be the best option for setting up a registered agent service in Nebraska.  They can also help you with getting your LLC formed so if you’re looking for the best option, check them out today!

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When you think about the best Nebraska registered agent or registered agent service it’s important to look at Northwest Registered Agent and ZenBusiness. Typically I recommend these two services because they include the first year of the registered agent service when you form your LLC. Both of these services have amazing customer service and are national providers who help 1000s of business owners make sure they have formed their business correctly whether it’s a Limited Liability Company, domestic LLC, foreign LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp or any other type of business.

The other big piece to this puzzle of ‘best’ is that you need to have a registered agent that understands what the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office is looking for when we’re talking about either an existing registered agent associated to your business or you’re looking to change your registered agent to a new service.

What is a Nebraska Registered Agent?

A Nebraska Registered Agent is not different than any other state’s registered agent services. All of the states in the United States require that you have a registered agent associated to your business entity no matter if it’s a Limited Liability Company or a nonprofit. You’re going to have a registered agent service that is responsible for three main items:

Receiving Service of Process (SOP) on behalf of your company

This is going to be any legal documents that are served to your business. It’s important to have a registered agent service that has their own process for handling this so you’re not surprised with an unexpected bill or finding out about a lawsuit too late.

Answering the state’s annual report questions

Every year the states will send out an annual report to every business entity that is registered in their state. This document will ask for updates on your company information, officers/directors and shareholders, etc. The state uses this information to keep track of who is operating in their state. In Nebraska, you will be required to file an annual report with the state. This is a tax that every business has to pay in order to keep their good standing status with the state. The amount of the annual report fee is $20 for LLCs and $25 for Corporations.

Have a physical location in Nebraska that is open during normal business hours

This is not something where you can find a PO Box or some type of UPS mailbox that is used. If you do that your business will most likely be dissolved by the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office. You need a registered agent service, local law firm that acts as a registered agent or be your own registered agent.

Why do I need a Nebraska Registered Agent?

The biggest reason you need a registered agent is because it’s legally required. Each business entity is going to be required to have a registered agent whether it’s a domestic LLC, foreign LLC, Limited Liability Company, C-Corp or any other type. This is just required by Nebraska law to have one.

The other main thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that all registered agent’s names and registered agent’s addresses are going to be searchable through the Nebraska Secretary of State’s business name search portal.

If you think about the implications of this, they are pretty big because you are going to have your business owner information searchable through the Secretary of State’s office. This means that anyone in the world is going to be able to go to the link above, search your business name and if you’re acting as your own registered agent – they will be able to find your name and address.

They can legally show up to the address on file during business hours and serve you legal papers which would not be very fun if you’re at home with the family. This is one of the main reasons I tell people NOT to be their own registered agent. The law exists specifically to help you stay protected legally against things like this.

When should I obtain a Nebraska Registered Agent?

The best time to obtain a Nebraska Registered Agent is when you’re forming your LLC business. If you don’t do this while you’re forming your business it may just get dissolved. You will most likely be violating the Nebraska law that requires you to have a registered agent service like Northwest Registered Agent and ZenBusiness.

Check out the deals that have been running with ZenBusiness to determine how you’re going to use them because you really should not even think about doing this on your own. It’s just not the best way of making sure you’re covered with the right registered agent service.

They are also going to be able to help you keep track of all the annual compliance / regulatory things you’ll need to do that a business owner shouldn’t really have to worry about.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent In Nebraska?

Yes. Legally you can be your own registered agent like we’ve talked about. You really should be thinking more about whether you should do this not if you can. As I’ve said a few times now, I would not recommend this because you’re going to be responsible for:

  1. Having a physical business address in Nebraska that’s open during regular business hours
  2. Accept service of process (legal paperwork) in case your business is sued
  3. Stay in annual compliance and submit the right reports

You’re also going to need to make sure that you stay on top of the annual renewals too because that’s another major thing that’s going to be required.

How Much Does a Registered Agent Cost?

The cost is going to range from $0 up to $300 per year. It really depends and ranges based on how you’re thinking of doing this with a registered agent service or finding someone or a business entity in Nebraska who has registered agent services associated to it.

I would recommend going with Northwest Registered Agent or ZenBusiness because you’re going to most likely get the first year included with your LLC formation. From there you’ll see something like a $125-150 annual fee that you’ll need to pay but that’s nothing compared to the pain you’d deal with if you tried to do this on your own.

How Do I Elect A Registered Agent In Nebraska?

In order to elect a registered agent in Nebraska your’e going to need to follow their standard process which in Nebraska is through the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office which has the Certificate of Organization you’re going to need to file.

How Do I Elect A Registered Agent Online in Nebraska?

You can file the Certificate of Organization through the Corporate Document area and make sure you’re filing the $100 fee that goes along with it too. It’s a nonrefundable fee so make sure you’re prepared for that too.

How Do I Elect A Registered Agent by Mail, Fax or In Person in Nebraska?

If you want to file this by going into the Secretary of State’s office or mailing it back you can do that too. You’ll need to fill out the Certificate of Organization above and can take it into the Secretary of State’s office along with a $110 nonrefundable fee.

How Do I Change My Registered Agent In Nebraska?

To change your Nebraska registered agent whether it’s an existing registered agent associated to your LLC or you’re just starting out and forming a new LLC you’ can do that by submitting the Corporate Document eDelivery website along with the $25 filing fee.

There are going to be different types of forms based on the type of business entity you have. If you need to find the right form, go to the link above but if you’re just looking for the Nebraska Limited Liability Statement of Change of Designated Office, Registered Agent and/or Registered Agent’s Address form you can download it directly from this link.

Once you’ve done this you can complete and send the form to:

Robert B. Evnen, Secretary of State

P.O. Box 94608

Lincoln, NE 68509

Nebraska Registered Agent FAQ

Does Nebraska require a registered agent?

Yes, Nebraska state law requires that every business entity designate a registered agent when forming a new company.

Who can serve as a Nebraska registered agent?

A Nebraska registered agent can be an individual resident of the state or a business entity located in Nebraska. The registered agent must have a physical street address in Nebraska and be available during regular business hours.

Does registered agent mean owner?

No, a Nebraska registered agent is not the same as an owner or principal of the company. The registered agent provides an address for legal documents and correspondence from the state.

What is a registered agent service?

A registered agent service is a business entity that provides a physical street address in Nebraska for your company as well as forwards any legal correspondence or documents to you.

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