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A Missouri Registered Agent or Missouri Registered Agent Service is required by law for every business entity in the state of Missouri. A registered agent is an individual or business entity that will accept legal papers (documents) on your behalf if it is sued. The registered agent or registered agent service must have a physical street address in Missouri and be available during regular business hours.

In my Missouri Registered Agent guide, I’ll walk you through the detailed process of when you should get a registered agent or registered agent service for your Missouri business, how to pick one, if they are required and how to change one if needed. Typically you’re getting a registered agent when you setup your Missouri LLC. Check out my guide on how to setup a Missouri LLC so you can make sure you’re following all the right steps in the process. If you are just looking for the professional service to help you – use Northwest Registered Agent or ZenBusiness.

Best Missouri Registered Agent Service

ZenBusiness will be the best option for setting up a registered agent service in Missouri.  They can also help you with getting your LLC formed so if you’re looking for the best option, check them out today!

The best option for a Missouri registered agent is to go with ZenBusiness. They know what they are doing and are helping other business owners (1000s of them) get their LLC formed whether it’s a domestic or foreign LLC.

There are plenty of other options like Northwest Registered Agent and IncFile but I think the best way to get your registered agent service is by going with the best in the business and that’s ZenBusiness.

What is a Missouri Registered Agent?

A Missouri Registered Agent is no different than any other state’s registered agent services that exist. Each state has their own registered agent laws but overall the process of having a business entity will require that you have a resident agent (statutory agent) who is an individual or business entity that understands the rules of that state. They will accept legal documents on your behalf and have a business address in the state of Missouri. They will also be able to accept such documents during normal business hours. If you do not have a registered agent assigned to your business entity, it will be resolved by the state (most likely).

Why do I need a Missouri Registered Agent?

The reason to have a Missouri Registered Agent is to make sure you’re able to have legal documents accepted on your behalf. The other reasons it’s important to have a registered agent are because it’s required by law and because you don’t want the state to assign one for you. If the state has to assign one, they will most likely choose a business entity that is in good standing with the state.

When should I obtain a Missouri Registered Agent?

As you’re embarking on your business journey, it’s important that you do this at the beginning of the creation of your business. If you do this any other time there is risk associated to having your business dissolved by the state.

You can be your own registered agent if you’re worried about the cost but we’ll get into why that is not a good idea in a bit. I would just recommend doing this at the beginning of your business journey and get a registered agent service setup from the beginning.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent In Missouri?

Yes. You can do this and it is possible but you’ll need to have an address that will be on public record so be careful with doing this. You will save some dollars annually by doing it but you will be required to always be at your business address during normal business hours. If you are served legal papers, they will come to your home address to do so vs. using a Missouri registered agent service that will do this on your behalf. I realize it seems like the quick and easy path but it’s important that you find a service either in the state that’s a law firm, national provider or you could do this on your own. I just don’t recommend doing that so if the cost is an issue go with the lowest cost solution you can find.

How Much Does a Registered Agent Cost?

The cost of a Missouri registered agent can vary depending on how you look at cost. I’d really recommend just using Northwest Registered Agent to help you with this. They include the first year of the service when you’re forming your LLC so use them for it. You can always change it in the future if you find a better solution or want to switch the registered agent for another reason.

How Do I Elect A Registered Agent In Missouri?

When you’re forming an LLC in the state of Missouri, you will be asked to provide the name and address of your registered agent. You can do this by going to the Secretary Of State’s website and filing the appropriate paperwork.

You will need to have a few pieces of information when you’re doing this including your business name, the business address, the registered agent name and address and you will need to pay a filing fee. The filing fee is usually around $50 give or take depending on the state you’re in.

You will also be asked to provide an email address so that the state can communicate with you about your business entity.

You can find the form here to elect a registered agent in Missouri.

How Do I Change My Registered Agent In Missouri?

To make a change to your Missouri Registered Agent, you’ll need to fill out the Statement of Change of Registered Agent form that you’ll find on the Missouri Secretary of State’s site. You’ll need to submit it and file it with a $10 change request.

The address you’ll need to send it off to is:

Missouri Secretary of State

Corporations Division

P.O. Box 778

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Registered Agent FAQ

Does Missouri require a registered agent?

Yes. You’re going to need to have a registered agent that you’ve elected with the state. You can either be your own registered agent, use a national service like Northwest Registered Agent or a local law firm in Missouri.

Does registered agent mean owner?

No. A registered agent is a service used to accept legal documents. An owner of your business is something very different. It’s someone that owns your business!

What is a registered agent service?

A registered agent service is a company that will help you with your business filings, act as a registered agent on your behalf and provide other services to help you with your business.

Best Registered Agent

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