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A 60-minute masterclass on how YOU can leverage digital writing to grow YOUR audience online.


Learn how to create the motivation and mindset required to become a to 2% creator. The mechanics of HOW to create the content is pretty scientific. The hard part is building the mental stamina to make it happen.

Niche Selection

Everyone talks about how this is the most important. It is but you need to really think about your your long term vision for your life. I'll take you through an exercise to help you clarify the short, mid and long term strategy for creating content.

Digital Writing

This is the meat of the masterclass. You'll walk away with the framework to understand why and how digital writing will be the base to any platform you want to create content on. Whether it's audio, text or video - digital writing is the KEY to it all.

Your Masterclass Host: Andrew McGuire

From 2004 to 2021, Andrew worked at Salesforce, Zendesk, Duo Security and Armorblox.

In 2022, after feeling completely burnt out, he decided to quit and do my own thing.

That led him to finding the world of Digital Writing. Sign up on the waitlist to get first access to the Masterclass of all his learnings boiled down into a 60 minute session.