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A Maryland Registered Agent or Maryland Registered Agent Service is required by law for every business entity in the state of Maryland. A registered agent is an individual or business entity that agrees to accept legal papers on behalf of the business if it’s sued. The registered agent much have a physical address in Maryland and be available during normal business hours.

In my Maryland Registered Agent guide, I’ll walk you through the detailed process of when you should get a registered agent or registered agent service for your Maryland business, how to pick one, if they are required and how to change one if needed. Typically you’re getting a registered agent when you setup your Maryland LLC. Check out my guide on how to setup a Maryland LLC so you can make sure you’re following all the right steps in the process. If you are just looking for the professional service to help you – use Northwest Registered Agent or ZenBusiness.

Best Maryland Registered Agent Service

There are only a few services that I would recommend for my readers and the best Maryland Registered Agent service is Northwest Registered Agent. There are going to be local services and law firms in the state but I would highly recommend sticking with the national provider of Northwest. They do a great job for all their clients and it’s going to be a great way for you to get started as quickly as possible.

You will want to make sure the service you pick has worked with the Maryland Secretary of State’s office and is able to help you follow the right process. The LLC formation service you pick will be important as you’re looking for the best registered agent service in Maryland.

If you are going to be setting up a Limited Liability Company, you’ll want to have a professional registered agent service help you and that’s why I always recommend Northwest Registered Agent from the beginning.

What is a Maryland Registered Agent?

There is no real difference between a registered agent and a Maryland Registered Agent. Each state has their own rules around it but typically you’re going to find that the resident agent service will need to have their registered office address in the state of Maryland. The Registered Agent’s name and the service they provide will need to operate during normal business hours.

A registered agent receives legal documents on your behalf and you will need someone there during normal business hours to accept any service of process documents that are delivered.

Why do I need a Maryland Registered Agent?

One of the main reasons you need to have a Maryland Registered Agent besides the fact that it’s required by the Maryland Secretary of State’s office is because they will accept legal documents on your behalf. They will need to have a physical street address and it will be public record so if you want to have your legal notices delivered to your home and have your home address on public record – I would highly recommend that you find Maryland Registered Agent Services that will help you make sure you’re getting the most important documents delivered to your registered agent address.

When should I obtain a Maryland Registered Agent?

The best time to get your Maryland Registered Agent is not after you’ve setup your Maryland LLC but before and in the process of building it. It’s a required step and you’re going to need your business address and formation documents to be processed as you’re going through and setting up your registered agent service too. I highly recommend finding a registered agent service that will be able to help you in the process of forming your LLC. Sometimes a registered agent is called a statutory agent but it’s required for your domestic and foreign LLCs along with any Limited Liability Companies that you’re thinking of incorporating in the state of Maryland.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent In Maryland?

Yes it is technically possible to do this but like we’ve talked about – the better question is – should you be your own registered agent? I always say no for a variety of reasons but the top reasons are:

  1. The address you use will be on public record
  2. You will have legal documents (including if you’re sued) delivered anytime at the address on file
  3. You must be available during regular business hours

If you decide to use your home address as your Maryland resident agent address and decide to go on vacation – you could run into issues.

It’s important to realize that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. It’s like asking if you should jump off this bridge because your friends are. You can do it but is it a good idea? I’ll let you answer that one.

How Much Does a Registered Agent Cost?

The cost of a Maryland registered agent service depends on the type of registered agent you go with. If you do it yourself technically it doesn’t cost you anything except your time and the stress of having your home address setup as your legal correspondence location. Typically the services run anywhere from $100-$300 per year but if you use Northwest Registered Agent through the LLC formation process they will give you the first year included.

How Do I Elect A Registered Agent In Maryland?

The process to elect a registered agent in Maryland is pretty simple and can be done online. You’ll just need to have your business formation documents ready and the information for your chosen registered agent. The state of Maryland offers an online system that you can use to file or you can mail in the forms.

You will need to check the Maryland Secretary of State’s office business name search here to determine if you can use that name or not. I would also think about checking if the registered agent service you decide to go with is able to accept service on your behalf. They should be able to but it will be important to think through this too.

How Do I Change My Registered Agent In Maryland?

The process to change your Maryland Registered Agent is pretty simple and can be done online or via mail. You’ll need to have the new registered agent information available as well as the current registered agent information.

Here is the form to change your Maryland Registered Agent services:

Registered Agent FAQ

Does Maryland require a registered agent?

Yes, all LLCs in Maryland are required to have a registered agent.

Does registered agent mean owner?

No, a registered agent is not the same thing as an LLC owner. Typically you’re going to have owners of your LLC as business owners not a registered agent. They are different things and you need to make sure you understand the difference.

What is a registered agent service?

A registered agent service is an organization that will act as your registered agent in the state of Maryland. Maryland Registered Agents are the best type for you to review because they are going to be approved by the Maryland Secretary of State’s office.

Best Registered Agent

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