How To Start A Resume Writing Business

Andrew C. McGuire

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A resume writing business that has resume writing services will help job seekers create their ideal resume that will help career professionals find the ideal job based on what they are looking for.

The resume writing professionals that want to start a resume writing business will find their writing skills and understanding what a successful resume looks like will be incredibly important. By starting your own business in the resume writing industry, you’ll find a great deal of satisfaction doing so.

What is a resume writing business?

A resume writing business is a company that helps job seekers to create the ideal resume for their desired career field. These businesses will have resume writing services that will help with format, design, and content. By understanding what an employer is looking for in a resume, these businesses can help customers to get their foot in the door for an interview.

As one of the many new business owners looking to decide if they are looking for starting this type of business it’s important to think through what it is first. Once you have decided that writing resumes is what you’d like to do and become a professional resume writer it will be really important to think about the how.

How to start a resume writing business?

There are a few key things you’ll need to do in order to start your professional resume writing business.

  • Get certified – There are certification programs available that will help teach you how to correctly format and write a resume. It will also provide you with helpful tips and industry secrets that will give your business an edge.
  • Decide on your target market – It’s important to know who your target market is and what type of resumes they will need. Are you looking to help entry-level job seekers, or those seeking executive positions?
  • Set up your business – Once you know who your target market is and what services you’ll offer, it’s time to set up your business. This includes creating a website, setting up social media accounts, and getting any necessary licenses or permits.
  • Start marketing your business – The final step is to start marketing your professional resume writing business. This can be done through online ads, word-of-mouth, or by exhibiting at job fairs.

One of the big pieces to really think through as a resume writer is the use of AI. There are many AI Writing Software tools that will help you create cover letters and potentially automate some of your resume service. Check out my AI Writing Software review to think through if and how you’d go about using a service like this.

Pros of starting a resume writing business

There are many reasons why starting a resume writing business can be a great idea.

  • You can work from home – One of the biggest advantages of starting a resume writing business is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. This means no office space or equipment costs, and you can set your own hours.
  • It’s a recession-proof business – In tough economic times, people are always going to need help with their resumes. In fact, during a recession is often when resume writing businesses see the biggest uptick in business.
  • You can help people change their lives – By starting a resume writing business, you have the opportunity to help people change their lives. By getting them their dream job, you can help to improve their financial situation and overall quality of life.

Cons of starting a resume writing business

Of course, there are also some downsides to starting a resume writing business.

  • It can be time-consuming – Resume writing is a time-consuming process, and you’ll need to be prepared to commit a significant amount of time to each project.
  • You’ll need to be a people person – To be successful in this business, you’ll need to be able to deal with people on a daily basis. This means having excellent customer service skills and being able to handle difficult clients.
  • It can be competitive – Because it’s a relatively easy business to start, there can be a lot of competition. This means you’ll need to put in the time and effort to make your business stand out from the rest.

By understanding what an employer is looking for in a resume, these businesses can help customers to get their foot in the door for an interview. Resume writing is a challenging thing to do and if you can be one of the resume writers that can help with the challenge of doing so – you’ll win in the long run.

Create a Resume Writing Business Plan

When you’re thinking about building a business plan and if you’re going to hire a resume writer or resume writers to help you with this professional resume writing business – you’ll need a few things. You’ll need to think about the following questions:

  1. What are your startup and ongoing costs if you were going to bring resume writers on staff?
  2. Who is your target market or ideal customer profile?
  3. How much will it cost for you to attract customers? (Marketing Spend)
  4. How many potential customers do you need and in what timeframe?

I’ve thought about these questions a lot and it depends on a variety of different variables.

Let’s start with your view on what a successful resume writing business looks like and how you’re going to attract clients. If you aren’t able to attract clients than the rest of this isn’t really going to matter. As one of the many small business owners setting up a professional organization, you’ll need to think through business operations, business loans, business location, etc…but again – that’s not going to matter if you can’t attract clients.

Brainstorm a business name

Have you ever thought about getting a business name and the domain is taken? Typically these days you’re going to see businesses that are setup based on what domain they are able to find. That happened to me. I was going after but put the middle initial into it because I couldn’t get

Spend your time on this topic for a little bit of time but don’t overthink it. Just get something setup so you can work on another piece of the business. It is important but you shouldn’t be thinking about how many hours you spent on this.

Start a Legal Entity for your Resume Writing Business

As you’re thinking about your business plan you’re also going to need to setup some type of business structure whether it’s a Limited Liability Company or another. Either way, you’ll need to setup an LLC most likely and think about getting a business license and business insurance. I would also think through what else a resume writing business requires to make sure you’re getting what’s needed.

Register your Resume Writing Business for Taxes

It’s true that you’ll need to setup your business so it can pay taxes. If you have startup costs (which you will), I’d highly recommend that you think about this as one of them. There are many resume writers out there but if you’re thinking about your personal assets to invest you might need to rethink this business. Get your business structure setup, setup your own website and focus on word of mouth referrals.

In order to do that you will need to register your resume writing business for taxes. You can do that by setting up an account with the IRS for your business.

Open a Business Bank Account

Once you’ve setup your resume writing service and your own resume is setup with the business then you need to head into the bank and get a business bank account setup. I always recommend looking at Lili Bank because they’re helping potential employers setup their bank accounts. Once you’ve done that you can start taking new clients money and focus on your service offerings vs. thinking about which bank account to setup.

It’s important to have a business bank account because it will help you keep track of your expenses and also help you with your taxes. You’re going to start having expenses like using a word processing software or some type of accounting software so make sure your business bank account can connect to whatever accounting software you need.

Register A Resume Writing Website and Domain

Once you’ve thought about your business name and have gotten it registered with the state, you’ll need to go to GoDaddy to get your website and domain registered.

Whether you’re an online business or some local business looking for a website and domain – you’ll need to do it. Most of the world operates online so make sure you’re getting this setup in a way that’s going to work for your business.

I typically recommend that you get your business name as the domain but if it’s unavailable, try to be creative and use domain extensions to fill in the gaps. This is another piece that’s going to be important for your business so make sure you focus some time on it but not as much as writing about interview skills in your resume writing business.

Setup a Business Phone System

If you’re running a resume writing business, chances are you’re going to get calls from clients. You need to have a business phone system setup so that when people call your business they hear a professional message and can leave a voicemail if you’re not available.

I recommend using Google Voice for this because it’s free and it’s easy to setup. If you want to check out some options you can but just go with Google Voice.


Is resume writing a profitable business?

Yes, resume writing can be a profitable business. You’ll need to make sure you’re getting the right clients and also that your prices are in line with what the market will pay.

Is resume writing a good career?

Yes, resume writing can be a good career. It can be flexible and also provide you with a good income. Make sure you’re getting the right training and also that you’re staying up to date with the latest trends.