Your personal brand is your most underutilized asset.

If you’ve been thinking about activating your personal brand on LinkedIn to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Become a thought leader
  • Attract leads, investors or talent
  • Create networking (and speaking opportunities) 

Then finding a LinkedIn ghostwriter to help you articulate your story is what you need.

Why work with me?

There are plenty of people out there to help you ghostwrite content for you on LinkedIn. It’s important to find someone that has domain expertise on the topic you want to write about for your audience.

With 17 years of B2B SaaS experience (specifically in Go-To-Market roles), I’ve personally seen the power that hands-on revenue leadership can have and how it creates big outcomes for SaaS startups.

Here’s what I was able to do over those 17+ years:

  • At Salesforce: Part of the founding team in the creation of the outbound sales motion (we know today as Predictable Revenue)
  • At Zendesk: Built the first Sales Development team that took us from $100M to the $1.7B IPO valuation (also got Elon Musk on a call from a cold email)
  • At Duo Security: Reported to the VP of Sales as our Pipeline Strategy leader which really meant: ‘Find all the pipeline’ and build programs to make up the gap. Built this through the Cisco Systems acquisition for the $2.3B price tag.
  • Now I’m spending 100% of my time building my personal brand and that of other Founders & CEOs of looking to grow their audience and brand on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the most powerful platform to build your personal and professional brand.

The most exciting part...

I'm able to interview you for two hours a month to get what's already in your head... 

(Packaged and optimized for LinkedIn) 

Without adding another thing to your list of things to do.  

The point: Make your life easier (not harder) 

Here's how it works

Design & Optimization

We’ll kickoff by digging into your story, topics, frameworks, ideas and opinions you’d like to share (and not share). We'll also uncover your goals that will allow me to recommend how we optimize your LinkedIn profile into a high converting landing page.

We will apply your business brand kit (colors, font, etc.) to create unique templates for your content.  If you don't have one or want to create a custom personal brand, we can do that too. 

Ideation & Content Calendar

By understanding what you know and applying that to what will bring value to your target audience, we'll be able to create endless ideas and apply it into a content calendar. 

Content Creation & Scheduling

Every week, you'll get content delivered to you that will be automatically scheduled (on your behalf) on LinkedIn.  There will be a mix of short (and long) form text, infographics and carousel content created for you.  You'll also get vetted ideas from me that you'll be able to pick from (if you want to have additional input).

Ongoing Support & Updates

Weekly analytics and trends will be delivered through Shield Analytics.  This will help us make continuous improvements & allow us to get better results over time.  We'll continue to refine your content and voice you'd like to portray on LinkedIn.   




+ $1,500 onboarding fee

What's included

  • 3 posts per week
  • 1 hour call every 2 weeks (over time move to async/slack)
  • Identifying Network Connection for 1st degree growth
  • Weekly Analytics Report (using
  • Publishing & Engagement on your behalf
  • Onboarding Style Guide
  • Engagement Blueprint
  • Profile Optimization


Do I have to sign a long term contract?

I do start with a three month commitment to make sure we're able to maximize the potential of your LinkedIn account.  I want to see you succeed on LinkedIn.  Let's talk about what you're trying to achieve and the timeframe we can accomplish it in.

Do I have to tell personal stories?

During our onboarding session, we'll go over what you want to share (and not share).  Having personal stories that you're able to share will make a personal connection to your audience but of course you don't need to share things you don't want to.  

Can you guarantee posts that will go viral?

I will create posts that will resonate with your audience.  We will refine content over time to continue to serve things that your audience will find interesting.  That will allow your visibility to grow over time but there is no guarantee for creating viral posts.

Will you help me with engagement (commenting on other's content)?

Ideally you are using the engagement blueprint I've provided.  That will give you the top creators you should engage with.  I will be able to see your comments and incorporate your voice into more of your content.  Even setting aside 30 minutes a day (3x/week) will be enough to help with growth. 

If you do want me to manage commenting and engagement, that is an additional $1,500/month and we can talk about the details of how to make this work for you.