Breeze Writing

Andrew C. McGuire

This site is an online resource made to help individuals start a business, form an LLC and find the next best business idea for them in 2023.  The next few years is going to be tough out there and we'll need all the writers we can get to help with resumes.  Layoffs are happening all over the tech industry and it's important that we have individuals that can help with resume writing. was a great resource to learn about all topics related to writing.

When you think about Breeze Writing, it’s important to look at how to start a resume writing business.  There are plenty of resources out there but as you think through your next chapter - it's important to also look at the benefits of this potential profession.

We will add to this over time but if you’re looking to start a writing business – come read our breakdown of how to start a resume writing business.

Enjoy the content and give us any feedback that you think is needed to make our online resource better for you.